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Ecosystemizer Turbo Booster Program - July 10, 2024

Boost your business with our 4-hour Ecosystemizer Turbo Program, creating a robust ecosystem for growth and resilience.

The World Economic Forum and major consulting firms confirm that Business Ecosystems create potential for massive growth.

More than that, they are the source of competitiveness and resilience for companies, regardless of size or industry!

The most critical aspect for leaders is to reduce their individual distance to knowledge in the field of Business Ecosystems.

With our brand new online "Ecosystemizer Turbo Booster Program" we close this gap and help you get up to speed on Business Ecosystems in just four hours. As a guided experience, you will create a complete business ecosystem from scratch. Based on one of our highly selected examples, you will go on this ecosystem journey with the Ecosystemizer Framework, exploring the Ecosystemizer Strategy Map and all major Ecosystemizer tools.

You will learn...

  • What Business Ecosystems are and how they work.
  • During the journey you will make your choices regarding roles, strategies, offerings, services, partners, etc.
  • You will determine what you need for your Minimum Viable Ecosystem to get started and create a draft transformation plan to realize your Business Ecosystem without damaging your existing business.

This online offering is the ideal starting point for you to get the big picture in just four hours. It does not replace our onsite Ecosystemizer Masterclass, which is designed to provide in-depth background knowledge and a platform for your Ecosystem pilot project.

If you decide to join one of our onsite Ecosystemizer Masterclasses within one year of participating in the "Ecosystemizer Turbo Booster Program", we will credit you 50% of the "Ecosystemizer Turbo Booster Program" fee as a courtesy of our company.

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Jul 10, 2024
1:00 pm
5:00 pm
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Ecosystemizer Turbo Booster Program - July 10, 2024

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Ecosystemizer Turbo Booster Program - July 10, 2024

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