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What is a business ecosystem?

Business ecosystems change markets

We see business ecosystems as a network of companies that complement and work together to create better customer value. Great value happens when these multiple companies work together to build a better experience than any single company could on its own. The challenge is getting all the moving parts working together seamlessly, so the user doesn't even realize all the different players are at work. Some companies, like Apple, Google, Tencent, and others, have done a fantastic job using this approach in their ecosystems. So, isn't it time you joined them?

Ecosystem transformation

Ecosystem transformations are for any businesses at any stage

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Working in business ecosystems are useful for

All businesses.

Ecosystem transformation affects everyone. It is relevant for all types of businesses at any stage. Today, we’ve spoken with more than 1,000 strategy practitioners, published articles in various journals and magazines, and helped more than 30 companies navigate ecosystems.

Ecosystemizer is here for you

Our ecosystem services

We have helped numerous companies from different industries in their ecosystem activities. With our expertise, we can support you in strengthening your ecosystem thinking, positioning and growth in an ecosystem.

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Inspiring and educational talks to discover the world of ecosystems.

Ecosystemizer Open Masterclass Illustration


Learn the Ecosystemizer methodology from our experts in person.

Ecosystemizer Inhouse Masterclass Illustration

Inhouse Masterclass

Train your team and develop your first ecosystem strategies and scenarios.

Ecosystemizer Strategy Sprint Illustration

Strategy Sprint

Create an ecosystem strategy for your organization.

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Execute your ecosystem strategy to grow your business.

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Ongoing input from our ecosystem experts for executives.

Ecosystemizer's blog

See interviews, read case studies & more in our blog

Read more about business ecosystems, our ecosystem framework, tools and how to navigate complex structures to grow your business with the help of ecosystems.


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Julian Kawohl, Fred Keßler

The Metro Group - an ecosystem player in the role of an Orchestrating Enabler

Metro’s evolution from wholesaler to service provider boosts B2B value via digital tech and strategic partnerships as an Orchestrating Enabler.

June 18, 2024
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Ecosystem Management Handbook

How to Ecosystemize Your Business

Our newest handbook is now available on Amazon. This management guide aims to provide a way to intuitively explain and visualize the business ecosystem worldview for every company. We are driven by the power of ecosystems evolving around human needs to spark dialogue, allow for analysis, and make ecosystem design possible for everyone.

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