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Our custom-made implementation follows a lean approach to ecosystem building to decrease risk and simultaneously leverage growth potential.

In the beginning, we evaluate use cases to find the best mix of buy, build and partner strategies. The next step is to create the micro-ecosystems and offerings to focus on and validate success metrics while onboarding partners and customers in a controlled environment.

These can then grow into entire turnkey ecosystem businesses.

Ecosystemizer Implementation Illustration

Our strong network allows us to complement our expertise with the required hands-on experience for your project. The list of founders and company builders to partner up or collaborate with is extensive. We also partner with digital and innovation experts who have already established ecosystems themselves or supported customers in projects to develop ecosystems in various industries (e.g., as Chief Digital Officer or Head of Corporate Innovation).


Your outcome

  • Proof of concept of ecosystem use cases
  • Creation of micro-ecosystems
  • Turnkey ecosystem business models
  • Definition of ecosystem initiatives and budget requirements
  • Clear priorities and next steps for implementation

Kind words from our clients

Julian is a thought leader and a challenger for practice and knows how to integrate theoretical research results into practice in a good way.

Johanna Bonberger

Project Lead "Workforce of the Future"

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