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Executing, implementing and managing ecosystem strategies comes with various challenges for business leaders: missed targets, stakeholder and partner management, ecosystem compliance and governance, ecosystem talent, technology, etc.

We have extensive experience and are there to support you with regular feedback, review progress on ecosystem initiatives and validate strategic options as your sparring partner.

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Your outcome

  • In-depth feedback on your ecosystem environment
  • Valuable impulses and best practice based on our ecosystem insights
  • Support for risk reduction and generation of maximum ecosystem potential through constructive-critical, outside-in perspective
  • Acceleration of top initiatives through structured and focused decision-making

Kind words from our clients

The Ecosystemizer approach and model help enormously to create holistic strategies in a rapidly changing environment with the involvement of partners. Thank you! Very helpful and inspiring.

Mike Tonazzi

CEO & Owner

Professor Kawohl provided executive sparring for us as a management team. With a mixture of substantial challenging of our current situation, structured use of strategy tools based on his application-oriented research as well as his own creative proposals for solutions, he was able to support us in better classifying and further developing the management agenda and strategic priorities for us.

Dr. Dirk Jandura


Traditional market logics are in a state of upheaval. The transformation of proven business models into digital ecosystems means that networking of products, services, processes, people and mindset must take place. Modeling new business approaches - and building or expanding digital ecosystems - requires exchange, networking and new interpretations more than ever before. Excellent visualizations, a broad market overview and cross-company expert exchange under competent moderation will bring our transformation massively forward.

Marco Schmidt-Spaniol

Chief Sales Officer

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