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Learn about the importance of ecosystems and understand the key success factors for how to start the right ecosystem activities.


Keynotes for 10+ people or large conferences

The age of business ecosystems has begun. Collaboration is a must for the future and the sustainable success of every company. The ecosystem keynote is perfect for business leaders and their teams who want to learn about the principles of ecosystems. The keynote is tailored to your needs, whether you want a small, interactive format for 10+ people or a large conference setting in front of hundreds of people. On-site or online - we adapt to you.

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Julian Kawohl talks about ecosystems on a stage of audience.Julian Kawohl is filmed on a stage. A cameraman is seen in the foreground.
Thought Leader

Keynote speaker - Julian Kawohl

Prof. Dr Julian Kawohl holds the professorship for Strategic Management at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences. He previously held various strategy and management positions at an international financial services provider. His research focuses on strategies, approaches, and concepts, especially for established companies, to sustainably transform business models and structures into innovative and agile organizations. As an expert in digital management and ecosystems, and corporate entrepreneurship, he advises companies from various industries and is a regular keynote speaker at national and international conferences.

Why listen

The ecosystem era has already begun

Our keynote is the perfect starting point to learn the fundamental principles for success and get inspired by case studies and ecosystem opportunities.

The following topics are covered:


Importance and dominance of ecosystems today


Why ecosystems are successful


The specific role of human needs in the ecosystem era


Why ecosystems are relevant for all companies and for your company in particular


Current prerequisites and success factors for ecosystem activities


Concrete strategic directions for positioning in ecosystems


How to start the ecosystem process within your company


Q&A session (dependent on format)

Who should listen

Relevant for every strategy leader

Business leaders Senior executives Innovation managers Company owners Entrepreneurs Consultants Coaches

Our keynotes are perfect for anyone looking for an intuitive way to navigate ecosystems successfully.

We have successfully held keynotes at international conferences and executive board meetings with a strategic focus. Audiences with any level of experience or knowledge about ecosystem strategy and positioning are welcome to attend.


We give you the tools to start the ecosystem journey


Concrete steps to start the ecosystem process within your company and inform managers, executives and teams.


Terminology and mental frameworks to describe, discuss and communicate ecosystem strategies and activities.


A clear understanding and awareness about the topic of ecosystems.


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Kind words from our clients

Prof. Dr. Kawohl's keynote was able to fully engage the attending participants on-site, as well as, in the online community with impressive commitment and profound expertise. He has greatly enriched our first hybrid event as a thought leader in the field of business ecosystems and we look forward to future events with him.

Arne Petersen

Management Board, FLEET Education Events GmbH

We see SV Werder Bremen as an innovative challenger in the football business. Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl not only provides us with informative detailed knowledge, but also challenges our managers to place their own thoughts in the overall context and to keep an overview of the complex challenges

Klaus Filbry

Managing Director, SV Werder Bremen, German Bundesliga football club

In just 30 minutes, Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl made the audience aware of the importance of ecosystems and made them want to try out the Ecosystemizer tools and methodology and use it to master complexity.

Marianne Kühne

Project Manager, Business Unit Insurance Intelligence, Insurance Forums Leipzig

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