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July 2, 2020

Our book and the Ecosystem Expert Area

We will publish our first book: The Ecosystem Era - How companies can win the collaboration game (working title). Learn more about it.

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We’re very excited to announce two new developments: 1) We are currently writing on our book: The Ecosystem Era - How companies can win the collaboration game (working title). 2) At the same time, we are planning an exclusive “Ecosystem Expert Area” on our website for all ecosystem thinkers. There, we will publish early-access content prior to the release of the book at the end of this year.

Take a look at the three major areas our management book and “Ecosystem Expert Area” will cover, and sign-up to be notified as we get closer to launching!

  1. Ecosystem Analysis 

Learn how to analyze ecosystems, your ecosystem environment, and your positioning within ecosystems with our intuitive tools (e.g. Ecosystem Strategy Map) to get a foundational oversight to start navigating the ecosystem jungle.

  1. Ecosystem Strategy

Learn how to use ecosystem dynamics, select positioning options for your competitive advantage, and create a strategy with dominant ecosystem offerings considering existing business strategy.

  1. Ecosystem Design

Learn how to develop a proof of concept for ecosystem use cases, create micro-ecosystems to measure and learn, and eventually build turnkey ecosystem businesses while reducing risk and uncertainty.

We break down the process for successful ecosystem strategy and design step-by-step and explain the tools we specifically developed with more than 1,000 practitioners, such as:

  • Ecosystem Strategy Map: Where are you and your competition positioned? How do trends affect your ecosystem?
  • Ecosystem Strategic Directions: What is the best positioning for your company? Which scenarios can unfold if you choose a different approach? Who would you need as a partner in your ecosystem?
  • Ecosystem Offering Matrix: Which capabilities and assets do you bring to the table to create compelling ecosystem offerings? What makes you attractive to partners? And which capabilities are you missing?

And many other tools, best practices, and tips...

Our book Ecosystem Era helps you to navigate ecosystems with ease. It takes away the fear of touching the world of mighty and complex ecosystems and guides you towards new innovation opportunities and business growth for your company.

We use many visual examples and case studies from all industries and company sizes to illustrate how our framework can be applied and used.

Conclusively, this book is for all business leaders and strategic thinkers that want to get ready for the ecosystem era and provides the mindset and tools required to successfully position companies and their offerings in the future ecosystem economy.

I hope you are as excited as we are! Are you ready for more?

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