May 19, 2022

The Ecosystem Strategy Map

To successfully ecosystemize your business, you need more than some basic knowledge about this topic. You also need helpful tools for.

The Ecosystem Strategy Map with the different 10 Life Areas can be seen.

The right knowledge and helpful tools

Ecosystemize Your Business is now live on Amazon. Our book is a practical, hands-on guide to give business leaders, strategists and innovators the tools and strategies they need to survive and succeed in the ecosystem era. To successfully ecosystemize your business, you need more than some basic knowledge about this topic. You also need helpful tools for adapting and transforming your business to meet the realities of this new era.

Ecosystemize Your Business presents and explains many indispensable tools, including something we call the Ecosystem Strategy Map.

10 life areas and three roles in business ecosystems

Dominant ecosystems offer products and services that fulfill human needs across all areas of life. In our new book, we identify 10 Life Areas that place the final customer/human in the center of business activity: Mobility, Health, Recreation, Work, Consumption, Spirituality, Socialize, Education, Entertainment, and Living. These 10 Life Areas help readers understand how an ecosystem‘s products and services contribute to human needs. 

Unlike standalone companies, ecosystems and their participants leverage greater efficiency through “the power of the many.”

Ecosystem players can be categorized into three major roles depending on their interaction with the final customer/human: Orchestrators, Realizers and Enablers. Some businesses provide platforms and marketplaces. They Orchestrate vendors that help consumers to Realize their needs in the 10 Life Areas described above (and in great detail in the book). Other businesses provide support with their array of products and services. These companies act as Realizers and Enablers.

The Ecosystem Strategy Map

To design the Ecosystem Strategy Map, you have to combine the 10 Life Areas and the three Roles in a specific way, described in easy-to-follow steps combined with illustrative graphics in the book. Stated briefly, you first create a poster with the customer/human in the center. The 10 Life Areas of the customers' needs should be organized in three concentric circles around the human. These circles represent the three Roles with Orchestrators occupying the inner circle, Realizers in the next circle, and Enablers in the outermost circle. This visual rendition allows you to easily sketch out your ecosystem offerings, products and activities.

To learn more about the Ecosystem Strategy Map and other indispensable ecosystem tools, be sure to buy your very own copy of Ecosystemize Your Business. Don’t delay. Order your very own copy of our book today on Amazon.

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