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October 27, 2022

Ecosystems in the construction technology with Matthew Carli

Julian spoke to Matthew Carli about the evolution of the building technology industry, 3D printing of buildings, new innovations and ecosystems.

Matthew Carli and Julian Kawohl in the new issue of Voices of Ecosystems.

Ecosystems in the construction technology with Matthew Carli - Head of Material Operations in constructive 3D printing.

Matthew Carli is the Head of Material Operations in constructive 3D printing. Matthew comes from the world of construction technology and has given us many insights into how this industry is evolving. Matthew explained to us how 3D printing of houses works and how start-ups can help to bring the new technologies to the world.  We also talked about business collaborations in times of recession and pandemics and how the Ecosystemizer approach could help companies define the so-called "source of truth" to overcome strategic challenges. 

Here are the most important take- aways from this talk:

  1. People are always up for change and crisis force changes that were long overdue. Defining the so-called source of truth can help companies overcome crises because it helps companies to define their purpose to the end customer. If companies know the purpose of their offering, they should not make short-term sacrifices for a long-term vision. There is no better time to start now thinking strategically about the future and identify new opportunities with a holistic and human-centric ecosystem perspective. 
  2. In the next few years, 3D printing of houses will allow us to build exactly the same model of a house, as it was planned. Before, there were many changes on the construction side, and thus we will see more unification in the industry in the coming years as well. When the core offering in the construction industry is more and more commoditized companies have to concentrate on value add factors for differentiation. Ecosystem-driven business models can offer opportunities for that. 
  3. Full real-time analytics will also start to expand more and more, addressing issues such as energy efficiency and water management. Thus, new business models will arise in a broader variety of ecosystem domains than in the past. 
  4. Integrating technology and construction will be a challenge, because technology is developing much faster than buildings do. Here, ecosystem cooperations can help to create seamless user experiences across company borders.
  5. Matthew also believes that the next big debate in the upcoming years will be the question about privacy and data ownership. Tech players, traditional companies and governments are trying to find out more and more about us and to gain advantage out of that. On the one hand, that will allow us to live a life with more convenience. On the other hand, there will be more transparency for all stakeholders collecting and analyzing data about our lifestyle and behavior. If we like it or not.

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