April 21, 2022

Find the right ecosystem areas for your business

Learn more about the second chapter of our playbook - "Ecosystemize Your Business". Stage 2 is called: Strategize.

People stand in front of a whiteboard looking at an Ecosystem Strategy Map.

Ecosystemize Your Business will be released in early May 2022.

Once you understand how an ecosystem works, you’re able to identify purpose-driven business opportunities that tackle the big challenges of our time. 

This is the focus of our second chapter, “Stage 2: Strategize”. If you've ever suffered from poor strategic decision making or had difficulty identifying future growth opportunities for your company's success, reading “Strategize” will clarify important questions such as: how to find the right ecosystem areas for your business and how to evaluate the best ecosystem options for your company.

Step-by-step from outline to ecosystem scope

Chapter Two provides step-by-step instructions from outline to ecosystem scope. As you will discover, it is necessary to articulate your organizational intentions and identify all of the forces in the ecosystem that influence the journey. Doing so involves using the core tool of the Ecosystem Strategy Map. Stage 2 provides the strategic tools needed to assess the current ecosystem positions of your company and to summarize the results. This affords the conceptual foundation for discussing and evaluating relevant strategic directions for your company as well as identifying alternative ecosystem domains and areas for future initiatives. The chapter also helps you to prioritize options and make informed decisions about what is in and out of scope for future investments.

Step-by-step from outline to ecosystem scope

The ideal recipient

“Stage 2: Strategize” addresses senior executives, investors and advisory board members looking for a better understanding of the ecosystem strategy process. The chapter also targets heads of innovation or strategy leading and managing the strategy process.

Moreover, you will learn how to find the right scope and the most relevant ecosystem topics in a structured way. You’ll also learn how to adapt corresponding and well-known tools and proven strategies like Porter’s Five Forces or the SWOT analysis. These are just two of the tools that we explain how to employ within the ecosystem context in “Stage 2: Strategize”.

If your role in your organization would benefit from learning how to connect corporate strategy with ecosystems, Chapter Two of Ecosystemize Your Business is written with your specific challenges in mind.

If you’re curious to know more about how your company can succeed in the ecosystem era, make sure to buy Ecosystemize Your Business.  Don’t delay.

Join the waiting list and secure your very own copy today!

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