May 12, 2023

Insights from Dagmar Eisenbach, Salesforce's Director Sales Enablement and Oikocredit's Board Chair

Learn sustainability and teamwork insights from Salesforce's Director Sales Enablement & Oikocredit's Board Chair, Dagmar Eisenbach.

Julian Kawohl and Dagmar Eisenabach talking about the Salesforce Ecosystem

New Voices of Ecosystems Episode: Insights from Dagmar Eisenbach

In the latest episode of Voices of Ecosystems, Dagmar Eisenbach, Director Sales Enablement at Salesforce and Chair of the Board of Oikocredit, shares her insights on sustainability, teamwork, and the power of ecosystems. With over 15 years of experience in the industry and a certification in coaching, Dagmar has a wealth of knowledge to share. 

Tune in to gain valuable insights from Dagmar on building successful communities through collaboration and the importance of ecosystems in driving innovation and growth. 

Here are some key takeaways (among many others) from this episode: 

  1. According to Dagmar, teams can be viewed as ecosystems since they are interdependent individuals who co-create and innovate together.
  2. Salesforce has created multiple ecosystems to build a broader community of individuals and organizations that use Salesforce technology and services. Each ecosystem has its own unique focus and purpose, but they all work together to create a larger ecosystem that supports innovation, growth, and collaboration.
  3. Dagmar suggests that AI can enhance collaboration across organizational borders, but it carries risks of exposing confidential data. She emphasizes implementing measures to ensure data security. Dagmar also stresses the importance of human creativity and empathy in areas that AI can't replace, suggesting using AI to optimize analytical aspects of private and business life while improving personal creative abilities.

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