January 21, 2021

First episode of "Voices of Ecosystems"

First Episode Voices of Ecosystems with innovation expert Denis Krechting. Talk about urban ecosystems and Smart Cities.

Image by Denis Krechting

We start the year 2021 with our new video format "Voices of Ecosystems" to bring you closer to ecosystem topics and give real-life examples of people with experience in the space.

In our first episode, Prof. Julian Kawohl talks with urban innovation expert Denis Krechting about urban ecosystems and Smart Cities.

Denis is not only the Managing Director of Metropolitan Cities MC, which is associated with one of Germany's leading engineering universities RWTH Aachen, the Co-Inventor of Ecosystemizer.

Cities have been the ultimate ecosystem for a long time already. However, today they are more in focus than ever. Especially in the context of Smart City. This is not only a buzzword but describes real city development.

Here are the most important take-aways from this talk: 

  1. Smart buildings are a booster and great example for human-centered ecosystem solutions (e.g. holistic office services, smart home offerings, software for e-mobility)
  2. Urban district development is the broader umbrella for everything that will be smart in our life
  3. For that, cities have to change and have to define their ecosystem strategy and focus on specific life areas and topics (e.g. energy consumption, mobility transformation)
  4. The aspired Olympic Games in 2032 in Germany could be a super ecosystem showcase to bring existing infrastructure to the next (digital and smart) level
  5. By connecting players with an ecosystem perspective the user experience for visitors and citizens (e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions, increase standard of life due to integrated mobility solutions, etc.) could be improved
  6. Ecosystem providers (and especially small and medium-sized companies) have to develop a holistic customer perspective that addresses the needs of the end customers - and eventually human needs
  7. In order to do so, managers have to become aware of this and change the mindset within their companies towards ecosystem thinking. 
  8. Ecosystems will evolve more and more and getting relevant for all parts of our private and professional life  


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