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March 31, 2023

Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

Welcome to the new episode of “Voices of ecosystems” with KASKO CEO and Co-Founder - Nikolaus Sühr.

In the latest episode of Voices of Ecosystems, Julian and Nikolaus Sühr discussed the current state of the insurance industry.

Hear Insights from KASKO CEO and Co-Founder Nikolaus Sühr on the Latest Episode of the Voices of Ecosystems Podcast!

In the latest episode of Voices of Ecosystems, Julian and Nikolaus Sühr discussed the current state of the insurance industry and how it will be impacted by the emergence of ecosystem business model offerings from outside players. From digital transformation challenges to opportunities presented by new technology, they examined the transformation of the insurance industry and the impact it has on doing business. 

Nikolaus Sühr is the CEO and Co-Founder of KASKO, a modular insurtech platform that helps insurers bring their products to the digital market.

Here are some key takeaways from this episode: 

  1. As customer interactions and purchases increasingly move to digital platforms, insurers have expanded from traditional affinity (selling standard products via non-insurance brands) to more deeply embedded solutions.
  2. Customer benefit from more contextually relevant insurance services, brands and platforms from additional revenue streams and trust and insurers gain access to large numbers of potential customers 
  3. However, with the advent of digital products and services, insurers themselves are looking to integrate and orchestrate more and more third-party products and services within their own value chain to offer risk-minimizing or just convenient services
  4. AI and applications like Chat GPT can play a significant role in improving the user experience, but will likely improve operations first rather than sales and customer interactions 
  5. In a few years, Nikolaus believes that embedded insurance and affinity insurance will be the fastest-growing distribution channels in the insurance industry, due to their essential reliance on partnerships. Collaborations in ecosystems are key to ensuring the success of these channels.
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