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November 9, 2023

BASF Coatings: Navigating the digital frontier

Discover how BASF Coatings is breaking new ground in a traditional industry by navigating the digital frontier.

BASF Coatings: Ecosystem Building

BASF Coatings: Navigating the digital frontier

In a realm where traditional practices have reigned supreme, BASF Coatings is carving out a new digital landscape, building bridges between conventional methodologies and modern digital platforms. With over a century's worth of heritage under its belt, this audacious move marks the onset of a digital revolution within the company. Oliver Birk, the Director of Platforms at BASF Coatings automotive refinish business, unveils the contours of this exciting voyage in a recent interview.

Embracing digital horizons

The journey into the digital domain commenced with the unveiling of "Refinity," BASF Coatings global automotive refinish platform. This robust platform is engineered to amalgamate a plethora of digital offerings, extending a warm invitation to customers and partners alike. Yet, BASF Coatings is not merely content with establishing a platform; its vision blossoms into a thriving ecosystem where partners can cross-pollinate ideas, share crucial information, and spawn mutual value for their ventures.

Weaving efficiency into value creation

The beating heart of this ecosystem is a relentless pursuit of transparency and efficiency. Oliver elucidates that by honing the channels of data exchange between customers, service partners, and stakeholders, BASF Coatings is orchestrating a symphony of increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and capacity. This triad not only fosters an environment ripe for business growth but also serves as a lodestar guiding the company's digital endeavors.

A spectrum of engagement

Peering through a broader lens, the focus gravitates towards the diverse clientele that BASF Coatings serves. While end-users are an integral part of the narrative, the core narrative revolves around repair shops or body shops. Each segment of customers presents a unique tableau of information needs and decision-making paradigms. By fine-tuning their approach to resonate with the diverse requisites of these groups, BASF Coatings ensures that their digital offerings hit the bullseye in terms of relevance and impact.

Harmonizing tradition with innovation

Transitioning into digital realms is no cakewalk, especially for a firm with deep-seated traditional roots like BASF Coatings. When probed about the internal dynamics of this transition, Oliver underscores an already existent innovative ethos within the company. This propensity towards innovation isn't a newfound trait; it's a part of the company's DNA. As they traverse this digital pathway, a harmonious blend of effort and collaboration is fueling the journey, with both the leadership and the workforce rallying behind the promising potential of value creation for customers.


The digital metamorphosis of BASF Coatings is not just a solitary journey; it's a clarion call to other traditional enterprises to embrace the digital tide. By cultivating platforms like Refinity and fostering a collaborative ecosystem, BASF Coatings is not only amplifying its own potential for business growth but also lighting the way for others. The narrative shared by Oliver is a testament to the monumental impact digital initiatives can have, not just on a single enterprise, but on the industry fabric as a whole. As we wrap up the interview, the anticipation for what's next in BASF Coatings' digital narrative is palpable. We extend our hearty gratitude to Oliver for offering a glimpse into this enthralling journey, and we are on tenterhooks to see the ripples of change it will create in the industry landscape.

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Here are the key learnings from the interview with Oliver Birk:

  • Bold transition: Despite its long-standing traditional heritage, BASF Coatings is making bold strides towards integrating digital platforms and ecosystems into its operational framework.
  • Creation of Refinity: The launch of "Refinity" a global automotive refinish platform, signifies the company's initial step in consolidating digital offerings for customers and partners, aiming to foster a collaborative ecosystem.
  • Value through efficiency: By enhancing transparency and optimizing data exchange among stakeholders, BASF Coatings aims to improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and capacity, creating a conducive environment for business growth.
  • Customer-centric approach: While the end-users are important, the primary focus is on core customers such as repair or body shops. Understanding and addressing the diverse needs of different customer groups is crucial for developing impactful digital solutions.
  • Internal adaptability: Despite the challenges that come with digital transformation, the company's existing innovative mindset and a collaborative effort across the organization are key drivers in navigating this transition.
  • Setting a precedent: BASF Coatings’ digital transformation journey serves as an exemplar for other traditional companies looking to explore the digital frontier, showcasing the potential benefits of embracing digital platforms and ecosystems.
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