November 9, 2022

Ecosystems in Insurance - Case Study Gruppo Unipol

Today we will take a look at the Unipol Gruppo, a leading insurance group in Italy active in the Non-Life business, among the top ten in Europe.

Ecosystems in Insurance - Case Study Gruppo Unipol

Ecosystems in Insurance - Case Study Gruppo Unipol

The Unipol Group pursues an integrated strategy to offer the broadest possible range of insurance and financial products and services, and is particularly active in the areas of supplementary pensions and health insurance. Its Ecosystem consists of the life areas health, mobility, living, education, consumption, recreation and work. Unipol also qualifies as a Super Enabler, being active in banking and digital payment solutions.

Another active super domain is Sustainability, with Unipol engaging in partnerships with associations involved in the development and popularisation of sustainable development principles as well as Stakeholder engagement, Innovation and Digitalisation.

Unipol Group Strategy Map


Unipol operates in the life area Health as a Realizer in the direct Insurance Sector through the brand Linear Assicurazioni. Its UniSalute (health insurance), Arca and LinearLife (life insurance) brands are managed through its subsidiary UnipolSai. Arca distributes life and non-life insurance through various banks.


In the mobility sector, Unipol offers a wide range of services. UnipolService collaborates with repair centers throughout Italy that deal with the repair of insured vehicles. UnipolSai also operates in the areas of assistance, car repairs and "black box" management for MV and non-MV classes.


Unipol also controls the bancassurance channel through Arca Vita and Arca Asicurazioni held by UnipolSai. The port facilities are operated under the Marina di Loano brand. A subsidiary in Serbia called DDOR Novi Sad offers insurance in various areas. In particular, significant innovations include UnipolSai GO, the first microinsurance that can be subscribed in real time via a smartphone, and the Unica policy with MV included, which provides access to private leasing.

Living and Recreation

Unipol is one of the most important real estate operators in Italy in terms of asset value. The company owns properties of great historical, symbolic and architectural importance, as well as an Italian hotel brand Gruppo UNA hotel, which is part of UnipolSai. Its Urban Up project aims to redevelop buildings owned by Unipol, including the restoration of symbolic and iconic buildings.

Education and Consumption

Unipol offers employee training throughout Italy through its corporate academy UNICA Corparate Academy. It was founded in March 2016 and has the task of overseeing the training activities of all Unipol Group structures. The company also offers wines produced in five wineries as part of a Tenute del cerro agricultural project.

Super Enabler - B2B Services

Unipol acts as an Enabler in all life areas due to banking services and big data solutions. With Unipol Banca they have joint ventures with leading Italian banking operators, with UnipolPay an electronic money institution. This digital payment solution is active across all life areas. Leitha maximises value generated out of accumulated big data through use of algorithms and innovative computer based solutions.

Unipol acts as an Enabler in all life areas through banking services and Big Data solutions. With Unipol Banca they have joint ventures with leading Italian bank operators, and with UnipolPay an e-money institution. This digital payment solution is active in all areas of life. Leitha maximizes the value generated from the collected Big Data by using algorithms and innovative computer-based solutions.


UnipolSai leads the project Life ADA - ADaptation in Agriculture, funded by the European Union as part of the European LIFE calls for proposals. Partnerships with associations involved in developing and disseminating sustainable development principles aim to improve resilience to climate change in three supply chains: Dairy, Wine, and Fruit & Vegetables. They participate in initiatives with public institutions such as the UN Global Compact. Unipol also supports stakeholder engagement and management, as well as regular materiality analysis and strategic planning to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.



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