September 30, 2022

Example of an Ecosystem use case with the CSO at Arvato Financial Solutions, Teresa Schlichting

Julian spoke with Teresa Schlichting about the company's transformation experience using an ecosystem approach and the challenges.

Teresa Schlichting and Julian Kawohl in the new issue of Voices of Ecosystems.

In the new episode, Julian spoke with Teresa Schlichting about the FinTech company's transformation experience using an ecosystem approach, the design process, and the challenges. 

Teresa Schlichting is CSO at Arvato Financial Solutions and is responsible not only for the strategy, but also for the transformation and innovation process. Teresa has more than 17 years of experience in different industries, like automotive and industrial electronics. 

Here are the most important take-aways from this talk:

  1. The financial services industry nowadays is a very dynamic and evolving industry, which is subject to a high urgency of change and disruptive market dynamics. There have been numerous examples of ecosystems in this industry for many years, particularly in the area of e-commerce with data-driven, consumer-centric business models. 
  2. The Ecosystemizer approach could help a company to frame the “why” of the transformation and to explain the market dynamics better. 
  3. Key success factors for ecosystem design in that context are 1) building trust among consumers and merchants, 2) collaboration with other FinTech companies and 3) integration of human-centric services (also for B2B companies). 

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