December 29, 2022

2022 in Retrospect our Highlights

What a year. We have had many highlights and would like to present you our view of the year.

A calendar on which the turn of the year from 2022 to 2023 can be seen.

As the new year approaches, we begin to remember all the good memories we had in 2022. 

Our personal highlight was the release of our book Ecosystemize Your Business in May that fastly became a bestseller. Even now we are often in the top 10 bestsellers on Amazon (Germany), and we got amazing feedback from you all over the world. Nevertheless, we believe that creating human-centric business models with ecosystems that focus on lock-in effects and increasing the customer lifetime value is still quite new for many companies. So, we are sure that also in the next year(s) the book will be highly relevant for many practitioners. 

We are so grateful for every supporter we had during this year. Also, we had plenty of projects, key speeches and a great team to work with. 🙌 

Since spreading the word and creating a sense of urgency and education is always a big part of Ecosystemizer, we have participated in many projects and events all over the world and have produced a lot of content. 🤝

As we think back to 2022, we have made some tracking for that year:

🟥 More than 60 workshops and keynotes performed

🟥 More than 80 LinkedIn and blog posts published 

🟥 More than 15 Youtube Videos and vlogcast episodes recorded and published 

We see ecosystems evolving more and more from a niche topic to a recognized topic in large enterprises (and also much more in smaller ones), and we are grateful that you have been with us throughout this journey!

2023 already has a lot of great content, projects and events in line, that we can’t wait to tell you about!

Stay tuned for 2023, we are already preparing a lot of surprises for you!

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