October 8, 2020

How we help companies to navigate to ecosystems

With Keynotes and Workshops we help companies to navigate to ecosystems and how to analyze, strategize, position, and design ecosystems.

Julian Kawohl speaking at an conference.

So far, our blog has mostly featured articles on the Ecosystemizer framework, i.e., E2H, Ecosystem Strategy Map, etc. Today we want to share some impressions working together with different companies to help them navigate ecosystems during the last month.

Digital keynote at Ecosystem Cloud Summit

At the Ecosystem Cloud Summit, Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl spoke among speakers from Ericsson and Verizon and talked about the importance of a company’s identity being ecosystem-driven and human-focused.

Watch the full replay of the keynote starting at 19:30 min (duration 20 min) here:

Julian Kawohl at the Ecosystem Cloud Summit by WorkSpan together with participants

Open masterclass in Switzerland

Our Open Masterclass we held in Basel, Switzerland teaches how to analyze, strategize, position, and design ecosystems and ecosystem offerings.

Here is what some participants said:

“The Masterclass follows a highly engaging approach to illustrate what the Ecosystemizer framework does for companies: Breaking down the extremely complex ecosystem topic in a very comprehensible and structured way.”

Johanna Boneberger, Project Lead ‘Workforce of the Future’, Microsoft

“It was a great combination of theory and practice. I especially liked how you can easily integrate the Ecosystemizer framework with your existing strategy process and tools.”

Andy Tran, Head Strategic Portfolio Management, Novartis

Learn more about our Masterclass here. We are currently working on the schedule for our upcoming Open Masterclasses. For inquiry please contact us also through this site.

Julian Kawohl at the Open Ecosystemizer Masterclass in Basel

Keynote at german IT manager congress in Hamburg

At the hybrid event in Hamburg, Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl was on site. The keynote was focused on the IT specifics of ecosystems and what IT managers have to consider within there organization to seize new opportunities when working together with partners.

Afterward organizer Arne Petersen said: “Prof. Dr. Julian Kawohl was able to fully engage the attending participants on-site, as well as, in the online community with impressive commitment and profound expertise. He has greatly enriched our first hybrid event as a thought leader in the field of business ecosystems and we look forward to future events with him.”

Julian Kawohl at the German IT Manager Congress (Deutscher IT-Leiter Kongress) in Hamburg

To learn more, feel free to discover these links on our website for our Keynote, our Masterclass, and our Strategy Sprint. If you want to stay up to date, please sign up for our newsletter.

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